• FlubuCore.CakePlugin - Cake have quite alot of useful addins. This plugin allows you to use any Cake addins in FlubuCore.

  • FlubuCore.Azure - Plugin adds over 2000 generated tasks for Azure CLI commands. Tasks are generated from offical documentation.

  • FlubuCore.Diff - Plugin adds Diff task to FlubuCore task fluent interface. Diff task compares 2 specified files and generates html report with differences.

  • FlubuCore.Gitter - Plugin for sending gitter messages in specified room.

  • FlubuCore.Kubernetes - Will not be implemented. Use Kurernetes client with FlubuCore instead.

  • FlubuCore.Npm - Plugin adds tasks for numerous npm CLI commands.

  • FlubuCore.Octopus - Plugin adds tasks for numerous octopus CLI commands.

  • FlubuCore.Slack - Plugin for sending message to slack channels.

  • FlubuCore.Chocolatey - Plugin adds tasks for numerous Chocolatey CLI commands. Chocolatey is a software management solution unlike anything else you've ever experienced on Windows. It focuses on simplicity, security, and scalability. You write a software deployment in PowerShell once for any software (not just installers), then you can deploy it everywhere you have Windows with any solution that can manage systems (configuration management, endpoint management, etc) and track and manage updates of that software over time.