Tests and debuging

Debug script through .net core console application

The easiest way to debug your script is that you place your script in a console application and execute it in console application. After that you can debug your script as any other application.

How to execute scripts through console application can be found here.

Writing build script tests and debuging build script through test

Wiki coming soon. Meanwhile see simple test on github to get you started:

If needed you can debug build script through test.

You can use flubu task in other .net applications just like in above test example.

Debugging build script by attaching to running process

You can debug build script by attaching debuger to Flubu process.

  • Because Flubu alters build script slightly you have to disable option 'Require source code files to exactly match the original version' in visual studio. Option can be found under Tools->Options->Debugging->General->Require source code files to exactly match the original version. Not sure for VS code if any settings have to be changed.
  • It is advised to use WaitForDebugger extension method on ITaskContext before first break point

    protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext context)
  • Run build script and attach debugger to FlubuCore process. FlubuCore process name vary depending on which FlubuCore "runner" you are using.

    • FlubuCore.Runner - You have to attach debugger to process named flubu.exe
    • dotnet-flubu Cli tool - You have to attach debugger to right process named dotnet
    • FlubuCore.GlobalTool - You have to attach debugger to process named Flubu