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Here you can find list of FlubuCore built in tasks with short description. Each task have fluent interface. See code documentation for detailed task documentation. If u have any questions about a task join us on gitter.


Task name Description
RunProgramTask Task runs specified external program
CompileSolutionTask Task compiles specified solution.
PackageTask Task Packages specified directories and files into specified directory or zip file..
FetchBuildVersionFromFileTask Task fetches build version from file.
GitVersionTask GitVersion is a tool to help you achieve Semantic Versioning on your project. [[ Documentation
FetchVersionFromExternalSourceTask Task fetches build version from external source(Appveyor, travis, jenkins...).
GenerateCommonAssemlbyInfoTask Task generates common assembly info for solution
NUnitTask Task runs nunit tests with nunit.exe runner
XunitTask Task runs xunit tests with xunit.exe runner
NUnitWithDotCoverTaskTask runs nunit tests in combination with dotCover test coverage analysis
PublishNugetPackageTask Task publishes nuget package to specified nuget server
NugetCmdLineTask Manipulate nugets with nuget.exe
UpdateXmlFileTask Updates an XML file using the specified update commands.
UpdateJsonFileTask Task updates an JSON file using the specified update commands.
CleanoutputTask Task clean all projects outputs in solution.
ControlServiceTask Control windows service with sc.exe command.
CreateWindowsServiceTask Creates windows service with sc.exe command.
ExecutePowerShellScriptTask Executes specified power shell script.
SqlCmdTask Execute SQL script files with sqlcmd.exe
CreateAppPoolTask Task creates new application pool in iis.
ControlAppPoolTask Task can start/stop application pool.
DeleteAppPoolTask Task deletes specified application pool.
CreateWebApplicationTask Task creates new web application for specified web site in iis.
CreateWebSiteTask Task creates new web site in iis.
AddWebSiteBindingTask Task compiles specified solution.
GetLocalIisVersionTask Task gets the version on iis on local machine.
ReplaceTokenTask Task Replaces specified tokens in file.
ReplaceTextTask Task Replaces specified texts in file.
CopyDirectoryStructureTask Task copies files from one directory to another with specified filters.
CopyFileTask Task copies file from from one directory to another.
CopyDirectoryStructureTask Copies a directory tree from the source to the destination..
CreateDirectoryTask Task creates directory at specified location.
DeleteDirectoryTask Task deletes specified directory.
DeleteFilesTask Task delete files from specified directory matching specified pattern.
UnzipFileTask Task unzips specified zip file to specified location.
ZipFileTask Task zips specified files.
OpenCoverTask Task runs open cover tool.
OpenCoverToCoberturaTask Task runs open cover to cobertuta tool.
CoverageReportTask Task runs the coverage report generator tool.
LoadSolutionTask Task load's solution information to the flubu session.
T4TemplateTask Generate T4 template with TextTransform.exe utility..
GitTasks Git Clone, Add, Commit, Pull, Push, Tag, RemoveFiles tasks.
DockerTasks Build, Run, Stop Remove Container, Remove Image and all other tasks for coresponding docker cli commands. All tasks are genereated from offical docker documentation.
FlubuWebApiTasks Various flubu web api client tasks.

.net core Tasks

Task name Description
ExecuteDotnetTask Executes specified dotnet command.
DotnetRestoreTask Restores the dependencies and tools for a given application / project..
DotnetPublishTask compiles the application, reads through its dependencies specified in the project file and publishes the resulting set of files to a directory.
DotnetBuildTask Builds a project and all of its dependencies.
DotnetPackTask command builds the project and creates NuGet packages. The result of this command is a NuGet package.
DotnetNugetPushTask Pushes the nuget package to the nuget server.
DotnetTestTask Runs tests using a test runner specified in the project.json / csproj.
DotnetCleanTask Cleans the output of a project.
DotnetToolTask All dotnet tool commands.
DotnetEfTasks Various entity framework tasks.
UpdateNetCoreVersionTask Updates the version in csproj / project.json file
CoverletTask Coverlet is a cross platform code coverage library for .NET Core, with support for line, branch and method coverage [[ Documentation
SshComandLinuxTask Runs specified command on the remote host.
SshCopyLinuxTask Copy projects/files to the remote host.
SystemCtlLinuxTask Runs system ctl.